Grateful Guest Gives Back

Grateful Guest Gives Back

On January 23rd, Loop Ministries once again hosted our monthly Food for the Soul Luncheon. Guests were welcomed with adorable snowman centerpieces (made by team of helpers from Lifetime Assistance and our volunteer coordinator, Doris Gaspar) and shared a delicious meal of chicken and vegetables (prepared in advance by chef Mike Otto and served by Carol Thielman and the team). Generous portions of blueberry coffee cake were enjoyed for dessert.

This month’s featured guest is a woman named “Jazzy”. Jazzy is originally from Guam and was flown to the University of Rochester Medical Center from her home for cancer treatment twenty years ago. She survived several different types of cancer and remained in Rochester following her treatment.

Jazzy has two children who live in Atlanta with their aunt. After careful consideration, she made the difficult and unselfish decision to send her children to Atlanta because she was concerned that they would become involved in gang activity if they remained in Rochester. She is excited for her son to get his driver’s license and looks forward to an upcoming visit from him.

Jazzy is very appreciative of all that Loop does, and is especially happy that she is able to get such a generous bag of groceries from the Food Pantry at every Food for the Soul luncheon. She loves coming every month, and will be giving back to Loop and the luncheon community next month by helping the meal team cook and serve food. We’re grateful for her participation in the Loop family, and for her eagerness to help!

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