About Loop Ministries

About Loop Ministries

Mission Statement

To provide groceries and meals to the under-served in Rochester’s City Center emphasizing nutrition, choice, and emotional & spiritual support, and providing education, resources, and information about other local services.

Our Mission

Loop Ministries is dedicated to helping people in and around Rochester’s Inner Loop by enriching their lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

We accomplish this through direct service, and by partnering with other organizations, agencies and ministries in the Rochester community.

How is Loop Supported?

Loop Ministries is 100% donor-funded. All of our support comes from individuals, churches and organizations committed to reducing food insecurity in our urban community.

Why is Loop Important for the Community?

To understand why what we do is important, it helps to first understand the problems we face as a community here in Rochester.

A 2016 report by ACT Rochester provides the following statistics:

  • Rochester continues to be the 5th poorest city in the United States, among the top 75 metropolitan areas.
  • Compared with cities its size, Rochester now ranks: 2nd in overall poverty (33.8%) and 1st in child poverty (52.5%).
  • Of the 9 NY counties included in this report, Monroe County is home to the largest portion of the region’s poor population (67%) and the largest number of people living in poverty (111,713).

According to Feeding America’s annual study, Monroe County’s Food Insecurity Rate is 13.5%, and 66% of the county’s population needs nutrition assistance due to incomes below the area’s poverty level.

In response to the grim realities of poverty and food insecurity in Rochester, we serve the community by dedicating our time to feeding those who are less fortunate.

We educate people about the health benefits of nutritious food and how to access it, provide a venue in which to get help with SNAP (food stamp) applications, and introduce folks to local services that help with other needs.

Who’s Who at Loop

Executive Director


Board of Directors

Chair – Wendy Carrier
Vice Chair – Larry Nazarian
Treasurer – David Cuff
Secretary – Karen Seig

Board Members

Lois Dannenberg
Theo Haynes
Deborah Lewis
Rainer Stellrecht


Loop Ministries is located inside the The Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word at 597 East Avenue
Rochester, N.Y. 14607