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Loop Ministries, Creating a Caring Commmunity

Loop Ministries, Creating a Caring Commmunity

My name is John and I am from Georgia. In 1976 I moved to Rochester mostly for my family. While in Rochester I have done food service for about 45 years. I have several master degrees, one in culinary arts, one in human resource management, and one in journalism. I took an early retirement in January 15th after 45 years of working.

I really enjoyed food service but after so many years I was ready to retire before I was 65, giving me time to enjoy being young. I used to play tennis but now I am mostly into genealogy work. I have traced my ancestors on my father’s and mother’s side all the way back to 1850. Though there are obstacles in finding the females maiden names, I enjoy doing it. I also do journal writing.

About two years ago I walked by Loop Ministries. As I was passing by, I saw that they were giving food out. After going inside, they also gave out lists of services in Rochester available. Although I do not attend all of the services, I get back so much in return. Every time I come to LOOP the pastor gives me insight for spiritual growth. Every Wednesday once a month they have Food for the Soul, I let the pastor know how much her message helps me.

I would say that I am a very religious person even though I grew up in a strict southern baptist family, I changed my religion to Mormon. I haven’t been involved in the Mormon church due to some serious medical issues, and some conflicts with
other members as a black person being a member of the Mormon church at that time. I am making plans to get back into church.

The main reason I come to Loop Ministries though is because of the pastor. I get spiritual insight and spiritual growth. She always says something to help me look at the things I am not doing so I can look at the things I need to do and that helps me. I come here and enjoy the Food for the Soul meal once a month but I get more of a spiritual return.

As far as my life goes, I keep hearing messages of getting my life back the way it was before. That’s why I come here, just to hear the pastor and gain spiritual growth.