Author: Janelle Jansen

Meet our New Intern!

Meet our New Intern!

Hello! My name is Janelle Jansen and I am currently a student at Roberts Wesleyan College. I just graduated with my bachelor’s in social work in May and without wasting any time, two months later I began my master’s degree in the advanced standing program there. In May, I will graduate with a master’s degree in social work!

Growing up in a pastor’s home made it clear to me, from a young age, what I wanted to do with my life. Throughout my life I saw numerous hurting people walk in and out of our church. There were families that got divorced and it completely wrecked the entire family system. I saw the poorest of the poor and I always wished I could do more.

My goal in life is to help people find their purpose and partner with them in the journey of finding out why God put them on this earth. I believe that discovering your purpose can change your entire life. That is why I chose social work; even though I am only one person, I want to make a BIG impact.

I am looking forward to working with Loop Ministries and being a part of their effort to help people in Rochester escape hunger. I am very passionate about helping people become the best they can be, and by joining with Loop Ministries I want to provide people with a meal to eat and enable them to reach that goal.